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Thanks Jericho VT!

By OneChange
Created May 29 2012 - 4:07pm

We love to hear from communities interested in promoting simple actions and smart choices that protect the planet. And we love hearing from kids. So we were really pleased to get an email in April from Sarah, a library tech at the Deborah Rawson Memorial Library [1] in Jericho, Vermont. She was working with local schools to prepare for Earth Day and had stumbled upon a page we created several years ago that included “green resources” [2] and information.

They found it helpful (we’re glad) and passed on another link that also proved useful to them called "Getting Clean by Going Green" [3]

Another good resource page with helpful tips and a reminder we need to update and improve our own resource page!

Thanks to Sarah and her students for passing it on. We appreciate it! A wonderful example of a simple action that matters.

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